About Etnia

Etnia is the first Chilean brand born under the "Gourmet" concept. Since 2004 we work under "fair trade" concepts with indigenous producers, micro and small companies throughout the country. 

Etnia is also the first Chilean brand of its kind who export Chilean spices to the world since 2006. Products are currently shipped to more than 7 countries.

We work under high food safety standards to deliver high quality products to our clients. In its presentations, Etnia brings together the value of origin, flavor and quality to become a first-rate product in the Chilean and world market.

Within our certifications, we have HACCP, BMP (implemented), Halal, Chile Brand and Connectamericas.

Design is one of our qualities, its labels and packaging have been created by Luis Piano, an outstanding designer of the wine market that has been awarded internationally on twenty occasions.

Etnia has worried that both its suppliers and production processes do not have gender discrimination or less child labor. Within our company philosophy, we support, train and encourage our producers to have their own ventures so that they do not depend exclusively on us.

Our mission is to support and spread Chilean gastronomy through its native flavors, putting them in a place of excellence in Chile and in the world.

We are proud to be Chilean and we work every day so that everyone knows it.